By: Luchie

He may not be as expressive as Mother,

When he shows his love for his children dear.

But deep inside the heart of a father,

Is a love so grand, so great, and so tender.


A family is never complete without the father,

Who is the pillar which makes the family stronger.

And a family will be happy forever,

If the children, the mother, and the father will stick together.


He is not the one who carries the baby inside his tummy,

But for nine months he also worries about the baby.

He is so anxious about the baby and mommy,

And he is so excited of the arrival of the new member of the family.


While mother is inside the labor room,

Father has the hospital lobby to roam.

He paces to and fro, and back and forth,

Knowing that his anxious wait will have its worth.

(*_*)    (*_*)    (*_*)



By : Luchie

Peer group members stick together, and love to be with each other whenever, wherever, and whatever. . . dah . . .

                This happened to us somewhere in the distant past. . . .

                It was when one member of our ( six member group ) won in an contest ( where the five others gave full support, of course ), when this unwished for the experience happened. After the yes, yes, hurrah in the contest venue, we were invited for a short and simple stomach- satisfying activity.

                We went to a food (not fast) parlor and immediately looked up on the menu posted on the wall., not able to control the craving after the energy released in the cheering to the max during the contest. . (By the way, during those days a menu didn’t include pictures where you could clearly see how beautifully a bell pepper was cut, or how melted cheese could be so inviting that you would wish to lick it to your satisfaction).

                I just didn’t understand why, but it might had been the length of time that bound us together that made us had almost the same test and preference. This is I most particularly observed in our food choices. We most often agreed and seldom argued as to what food to order whenever we dined out.

                “Let’s order this arroz caldo, this sounds tempting”. We heard Vangie finally choosing from the menu. No one objected as expected, order carried. While waiting, the men ordered their bottles of beer (there were only two males in the group) and the women ordered their colas.

                To  while away the time, we did the usual thing…talking…discussing how big the arroz caldo would be…because we thought “arroz caldo” was just one of those famous burgers this food parlor had been serving…..Then finally came the waiter… and to our shameful surprise… arroz caldo was just the usual “ LUGAW” our parents sometimes prepared….

                We silently communicated with each other with our humiliated looks. We started scooping our arroz caldo which we wrongly paired with beerand colas. Luckily later, Nonong managed to burp, didn’t know why… then we slowly left the food parlor.

                When we visited that food house again, we ordered “ARROZ CALDO” as a reminder that ignorance of the law (OR IGNORANCE EVEN NOT OF THE LAW) excuses no one.


(of a very short story)


An Elergy

By : Luchie

J- ustice loving, Sir Cobo

A – lways will you stay in the hearts of everyone.

C-ause you’re  a man who don’t think of yourself

O-nly, but you also think of people whom you love,

B-ut fate had been so unkind, that

O-ne day without our liking it … you were gone.


A-nytime, anywhere, anyhow, in any way

M-emories of you will linger in our thoughts,

A-lthough we cannot see you anymore physically

T-he footprints that you left will forever stay.

O-nward may you go and may you REST IN PEACE.

N-ever worry about what you have left undone, for …

G-roups bound by hearts will work hand in hand.. . and the things that

                                    You want, might then be done.


(1983 version)

By : Luchie

E – ach one is but concerned with our economy

C – risis, crisis, crisis. . .. is what each gonna say.

O – h! dear countrymen, can’t you see?

N – ot even the newborn baby is exempted from this tragedy.

O – n the adults’ side, as we have realized,

M – oment by moment, we think we’re being penalized.

I – n as much as our economy is behaving this way

C – haos is everywhere. .. . in the town or in the city,S – o what have we to do . . . than hope for a better economy tomorrow.


By : Luchie

For nine months she did carry,

The child that is me, inside her tummy.

And when I came out and face the world,

My mother considered me somebody to behold.

Then every day I am showered with love,

By my mother, who is a gift from above.

She provided me with education,

Without any hesitation.

Now that my bones are already stronger,

I must pause and think, and thank my mother.

One way to show how much I thank her,

Is to be always a good daughter.

Now that my mother is getting older,

There, starts the changing of the color of her hair.

But the bond that we have will always be stronger,

And we will always love each other as mother and daughter.

I will take care of my mother, now and forever.

And I will always thank her for making me better.

Above all I am so thankful to the almighty, the Creator,

For giving me this person, my dear Mother.

“Mathematics behind Life”

We wish of life like a perfect square

Bounded with perfect angles and sides

But reality tells

That we are living as irregular polygons

Formed from incongruences

Bothered by unique sizes and shapes

And how to achieve equality

Until negligence take over our beauty

Life is like a module of principles and theorems

Every problem entails a solution

Every solution creates a conclusion

And a conclusion leads towards lessons.

“SUN is”

Sometimes, you are like a sun

Sun refused to shine when storm is raging towards its way

Sun hides itself from the cottony clouds like masks

Sun strikes its rays like a burning flame

Sun leaves for days when rain owns the sky

But in life

Here’s the rainbow

After the deepest darkness

Is a colorful sight of hope

Life is unpredictable and you are extraordinary. So, heads up!

“22nd day of March, 2018”

Different colors of lights striking on every corner of the room

Tables in red cloth

White cloth covering up the plastic chairs

Gorgeous ladies in hot gowns and dresses

Handsome boys in cool suits and coats

Made the event a beautiful fairy tale

As the music was played

A man in checkered coat, fitted with white jeans, a pair of brown shoes and a dark blue scarf hanging around his neck

Stepped slowly and closer

He took her hand with his biggest smile on that night

The girl in a sky blue dress with her hair lying on her back

Maybe, it was only a series of steps for others

But for her that was a sweet dance in a fairytale night

It was a dance of joy, happiness and maybe of goodbye

The dance may speak of goodbye, but for her that was the sweetest goodbye

Every move of their feet is another beautiful beat

Every sway of their hands lead them to each other’s arms

The dance may be in a 3 minute song

For her, it was a priceless answer of a long time dream

I was that princess and you were that prince.

John, thank you for letting me experience a life in fairytales.

Such a wonderful night with you.

I was that princess and you were that prince.

John, thank you for letting me experience a life in fairytales.

Such a wonderful night with you.

“Okay lang ako.”

Okay lang ako.

Mga katagang binibitawan ko sa tuwing ikaw ang nagiging topiko.

Okay lang ako.

Pag tinatanong ako ng tropa kung kumusta na tayo.

Okay lang ako.

Paulit-ulit kong sagot sa mga tanong nila.

Paano ko ba sasabihin sa kanila na wala nang tayo.

Paano ko ba ikukubli ang mga sakit na nararamdaman ko sa tuwing nababanggit nila ang pangalan mo.

Paano ko malilimutan ang mga tao na lumipas na ang mayroon lamang ay ikaw at ako.

Dumating ako sa punto ng buhay ko na nasabi kong ‘sya na nga siguro yung hinihintay at makakasama ko buong buhay ko.’

Pero nagkamali ako, nung dumating sya sa buhay mo binale wala mo na ako.
Ang akala kung magtatagal ay nag wakas na.

Akala nila okay lang ako.

Oo, siguro.

Okay lang ako, okay na lang ako.